What is BodyQ™?

The numbers you use to measure your health are about to change. Now, in addition to cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels, you’ll want to keep track of your BodyQ™. It’s a new test revolutionizing the way you track your physical fitness and strength, developed by FYZICAL.

Major advances have occurred recently with a testing program that gives doctors and therapists information to keep patients healthy and functioning independently to the best of their abilities throughout their lives. This testing program is called BodyQ™.

As genetic testing offers you power of information about your inherent risk for disease, BodyQ™ offers you power of information about your risk for injury, dysfunction and falls. The power of knowing where you stand in terms of your total-body strength, balance, movement and posture will help you detect and prevent injury, illness, and even death.

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Know your BodyQ™ Score

BodyQ™ is a unique, integrated body testing tool used for assessing movement, function, general health and balance. Knowing your BodyQ™ score will allow you and your general physician or FYZICAL® therapist to outline a plan for wellness and improved quality of life. This test was developed by a team of medical specialists, including physicians, physical therapists, nutritionists, vestibular experts, and balance experts.

BodyQ™ combines objective measurements with state-of-the-art functional imaging, bundled together in a user-friendly technology, full color graphics, and easy to read results. Each client receives an overall BodyQ™ score, as well as a score specifics to six different health related categories: 1) basic health; 2) balance and gait; 3) spine and posture; 4) functionality; 5) flexibility; and 6) performance. The score is a percentage related to normative data for the person’s age and gender and highlights whether an individual may benefit from skilled therapy services or further testing in some areas. For example, the test may indicate severe balance deficits that may put an individual at risk for falling.

The program would then suggest that the individual be referred to physical therapy for evaluation and treatment of balance and gait. Test results can be used to track progress in order to assist your health care professional in providing treatment. It’s recommended to be performed annually and serve as a useful tool to provide to your general practitioners. All of our medically based fitness clients are required to have a semi annual BodyQ™ to show progress.

Body Q at Fyzical CT of Bristol and Southington CT
BodyQ™ - only $99.00

This test is useful for individuals of all ages. Whether your goal is to recover from an existent injury or illness, increase your energy levels, flexibility, improve your fitness, toning, lose weight, run your first 5K or take part in another performance event. BodyQ™ can jump start you on the way to achieving these goals. BodyQ™ is on sale now for only $99.00! (one time fee)

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Recommended by Doctors

“I saw a patient today who complained of leg pain. Normally, as an ENT physician, I would not have thought about his symptoms, but today, after taking BodyQ, I urged him to go to FYZICAL. I told him I thought Fyzical would make a huge difference in his life.” – Dr. Art Schwart, ENT, JD

BodyQ is a novel and informative process for determining your whole body health. Because it assesses posture, muscle tone, hearing, vision, balance and flexibility, everyone can learn something from this test. A trained FYZICAL therapist will be able to identify at least one aspect that can be improved in each individual.” – Dr. Rhonda Deems

BodyQ testing was a rewarding experience. My deficiencies were pointed out as a result of the test, and I was given advice on how to improve these areas with simple home exercises. I would like to return again to see if my scores improve!” – Dr. Braun Graham

BodyQ at Fyzical Therapy of Bristol and Southington CT
BodyQ at Fyzical Therapy of Bristol and Southington CT