Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Common diagnosis that we see post-surgical from orthopedic surgeons from all over the state of Connecticut.  All post-surgical cases have four phases of rehabilitation which is described below.

• Rotator cuff repair          • Total knee replacement
• Total hip replacement    • ACL reconstruction
• Meniscal arthroscopy     • Quad tendon repair
• Carpal tunnel                   • Spine surgery
• Lumbar discectomy        • Lumbar fusion
• Lumbar laminectomy     • Fractures

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4 Phases of Rehabilitation

Phase 1   What to expect on day 1-  expect the front desk to handle all of your admin work and signatures if you are first time patient at our office, this generally takes 15-20 mins.  The you will see the licensed physical therapist who will take a thorough history about your injury, your surgery, your follow up with MD, MD precautions that they reviewed with you and your goals from therapy.  After this the therapist will take some objective measurements about swelling or bruising, ROM, strength and if you are using any type of assistive device.  Then we want to start you with something to begin to do at home until we see you again, this can include a safe ROM exercises, getting in and out of the chair of off the bed without pain, using a modality such as ice at home.  We also like to educate our patients on what has happened, the realistic time it will take to heal and your goals and our goals for you.  As always we your sports therapist wants you to LOVE YOUR LIFE as soon as you can.

Phase 2    As you progress in therapy over the next few weeks so does your routine that we take you through, , your therapist  then can take you to next level to gain more active ROM then we start some light strengthening.

Phase 3– once the tissue that was repaired is healed enough for us to begin putting some stress on it, the sports rehab team start begin a strengthen program of the tissues that are weak as a result of surgery.

Phase 4   This is where we begin to train you to get back to be competitive whether you’re a golfer, tennis player, high school soccer star or a parent who wants to play with his kids or grand kids.  We work on high level strengthening, balance and coordination exercises.

Post Surgical Rehab | Fyzical CT of Bristol and Southington
Post Surgical Rehab | Fyzical CT of Bristol and Southington